Medusa's Lair is Auburn's only organic concepts hair salon, where we offer natural and organic services and products while respecting the Earth.

Our new location is
1935-D South College Street (behind Chevron, near Krystal)
Auburn, AL 36830

At Medusa's Lair you will find an eco-friendly and alternative hair, body, art, and learning salon; a safe haven; and a refuge from the toxic and unhealthy lifestyles and commercial products of the modern world. We are your center for transformation - Body, Mind, and Spirit - where Mother Earth is protected and celebrated with the use of environmentally-friendly practices and products.

Roller-Set Thursday - $25 - That is right! Every Thursday, get a "FANTABULOUS" roller-set that will have you all glammed up for the weekend.

Medusa's Lair focuses on a Healthier Beauty Regime in 2014!

We now carry hair, nail, and skin vitamins. Fifty day supply for only $15.20! Grow healthy hair from the inside out. Most people do not realize that dietary deficiencies can cause thinning hair, slow hair growth, even premature graying.

Choose your herbal experience:

  1. Organic Experience - Medusa's Cocktails certified organic shampoo and conditioners made in house, completely natural and great for the no poo client.

  2. Above Average Traditional Experience - This is for the client not quite ready or able to switch to completely natural products because of chemical services in the hair. We use Organic Care and Color Systems professional products.

Medusa's Cocktails Organic Hair and Body Products

Eco-friendly packaging (plastics that are recycleable, packaging that is compostable)
Certified organic, wild-harvested, certified fair trade, sustainable products
Vegan products, not tested on animals (except Kat's teenage sons)
Absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES or harmful ingredients!

NOTE: When switching to natural shampoo, the hair will go through a detox period for one to two weeks, maybe longer depending on the accumulation of toxins in the hair. While your hair is detoxing if it feels dry and knotty, this is natural. Your hair's natural oils will redistribute and become more regulated as you go through the detox process.

Silicone (dimethicone) in almost all hair products is derived from petroleum and is an environmental toxicant. It NEVER biodegrades. It goes down the drain and into the environment where it never goes away. Dimethicone and other silicone derivatives coat your hair, trapping all of the synthetic chemicals in the hair shaft months. The Good thing is that silicone derivatives add luster and sheen to your hair. The Bad thing is that they cause tumors in the lungs and thorax.

Source: Carter, D. (2010) Why You Need to Detox Your Hair and How to Do It. Retrieved from http://forum.blackhair

Why choose a holistic experience?
What are the Toxic Twelve?

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